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Association was founded in June of 2002, and status of legal entity and full registration were gained on 29. July 2003.

The aim of Association is wellbeing and protection of socially handicapped children and youth with behavioral disorders, work on prevention of addiction and violence among kids and youth, and promotion of rights for kids and youth with development and behavioral disorders, invalidity, informing, realization of international cooperation, and development of humanity, philanthropy and benevolence.


Purpose and scope of activities

Scope of activities for this association is within area of social work, education and work-training, while purpose is to help to kids and parents in resolving problems, help in social integration, promotion of mental health for kids, and advocacy of kids and their rights..


Activities for reaching goals

 ♦ Organizing of art, literal, and sports workshops for kids and youth in certain problem category

 ♦ Gathering of experts of all profiles with goal of more adequate recognition and treatment of kids and youth with development disabilities, kids and youth with behavioral disorders, kids and youth with organically conditioned development difficulties, kids and youth with invalidity  

 ♦ Providing welfare for 20 kids and youth with behavioral disorders beyond proper family in a frame of semi-daily residence on Split-Dalmatia County level

♦ Providing services of education, work trainings, nourishment, maintenance of hygiene, health care, attendance, work activities, use of free time, help in learning, taking care of school activities and extra school activities

♦ Monitoring and work with talented kids

♦ Organizing of help in studying for kids and youth for certain problem category

♦ Organizing of expert staff and teams for monitoring and work with kids and youth in certain problem category

♦ Organizing of therapy groups and counsels for parents of kids for certain problem categories

♦ Informing, realizing of international cooperation, developing of humanity, philanthropy and benevolence

♦ Organizing of round tables, tribunes, seminars, expert meetings, conferences, counsels and educations

♦ Organizing of manifestations, promotional actions, video productions, tribunes, informative presentations with goal of presentation work to the public

♦ Publishing expert literature in scope of activities of Association

♦ Publishing activities according to special acts

♦ Participation on home and international congresses, seminars, congresses related to goals of Association and its way of work

♦ Cooperation with entities and institutions in Republic of Croatia, and domestic and international organizations, legal entities and physical persons for a purpose of more quality in reaching goals 

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